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There is a herb against each disease, so people say. Untouched nature has its healing properties if it is fostered but not changed.Nature belongs to all people, not to institutions that want to decide who is allowed to use it and who is not.
An old heritage

We chose 4 herbs with good effect on the skin – the outer skin, the largest organ of the human body and the internal organs through the mucous membranes lining give us a double application of the outside and inside. Moreover, these 4 herbs varied effects.

4 alpine herbs for you – versatile and supportive very valuable
Wild plants contain more natural active and protective substances (natural antibiotics) – because they resist wind and weather on their own strength. They promote our health, inner beauty and overall wellness.

Use as:
Spice, tea, herbal bath, poultice for the skin, herbal oil, body oiling, massage, etc. ..
More information can be found on the Internet and in various herbals.

Outer skin and inner membranes:
St. John’s wort, horsetail, yarrow, plantain.

Inflammation, unspecified pains, colds, metabolism, digestion, nutrition, cosmetics, massage, weight loss, herbal baths, gargling and mouthwash, extractions (Chinese medicine):
St. John’s wort, horsetail, yarrow, plantain.

Heart, blood circulation, nervous system: St. John’s wort, yarrow.

Breathing, coughing, urinary tract, kidney, bladder: horsetail, plantain.

Endocrine system, glands, burns: St. John’s wort, plantain:

Menstrual and gynecological disorders: St. John’s wort, horsetail, plantain.

Rheumatism, gout, cartilage, bones, joints, connective tissue, tendons, stretch marks, deep scars, eczema: horsetail.

Joints / Eczema: St. John’s wort, horsetail


“From witch weed to modern drugs.” Dr. Christoph Tschupp

“Recipes from the Natural Pharmacy – proven remedies for the whole family.”
Lechner: Vienna – Geneva – Munich – New York

“The pharmacy of God.” Maria Treben

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