Welcome to nana – natural nature e.U.

Each herbal oil is aged up to 2.5 years without additives – cold infusion produces a quality oil, pure and used as a pure essence.

In many civilizations oils were an integral part in their ancient healing systems, for anointing, embalming, nutrition, body & beauty care.

The natural power of herbs from the Alps, untreated pastures – the traditional Western herbal knowledge and loving hand combine old proven recipes from natural medicines and traditional medicine with new insights to a 100 % herbal natural product for the kitchen and medicine cabinet.

I use the oil in the kitchen, especially for salads , for dry skin and when the skin is torn, it heals wonderfully . ” Erika M., Salzburg – Austria

“I had a shoulder broken open and the oil was placed in the wound. That helped very well. ” Bachmann, Germany

“For years I used the oil for skin care, in wrinkles and rough hands ” Rosemarie D, Tyrol – Austria

“After surgery I’ve used the oil as oil scar . Even my physiotherapist has noticed a change within a short time .” Annette D., Germany

“For burning lips : 3 times a day directly on the sore spot , a sip of oil compared to mood changes with success .” Anna H.. in Vienna – Austria

“We have used nanaoils against eczema . The itching was gone immediately , and the rash soon after” Johannes H, Graz – Austria

Pure yarrow oil, horsetail oil and plantain oil can be used for salads, like tomato salad, cucumber salad, corn and bean salad and all green salads. Optionally, you can use the vegetables individually or mix them, garnish them with feta cheese, olives and sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds.
A hearty, crispy salad!

As a small snack for in between, you can just dribble herbal oil to on a piece of bread. It also tastes very good if you use toasted bread.
When you serve spaghetti noodles, simply pour some oil into the frying pan.
In short, nana – herbal oils can be used for all recipes around the Mediterranean, such as the Italian – Tuscan cuisine, the Greek – Turkish Cuisine, etc. which stand for a simple, healthy lifestyle. Try the kitchen around the Mediterranean, make experiments, or treat yourself to a balanced meal.

People around the Mediterranean are worldwide seen as very healthy.
If you want to take nana – herbal oils with a spoon, we recommend taking only slow sips, e.g. 3 times a day a few drops. A new dietary advice is fat replacement and conversion – no need to abstain from fat completely. Fats are very important for our body. Of course you should consider quality and dose.

Yarrow oil and plantain oil add a special flavor to the food.
Horsetail oil is very mild and has hardly any flavor.
St. John’s Wort oil should be used very sparingly – only as a spice and drop wise.

All nana – herbal oils are also suitable for blending with other vegetable oils,
whether pure or diluted.

Thanks for the feedback and using our oils.

Greetings to you from Austria, Europe

Welcome to nana – natural nature e.U.
Health promotion

Feel the love of nature
“nana – herbal oil”
“oil you need is…”
an original product of Austria
each bottle is an unicate

. St. John’s wort oil (Hyperikum perforatum)
. Plantain oil (Plantago lanceolata)
. Horsetail oil ((Equisetum arvense)
. Yarrow oil (Achillea millefolium)

• A knowledge spanning many cultures, handed down for thousands of years
• Natural wisdom and the art of living – an ancient cultural heritage

• Pure herbal oils from natural Alpine herbs without monocultures
• 100% natural from the Alps and the Mediterranean

• Old recipes from folk medicine and natural medicines
• From a time before the separation in food, cosmetics and medicines

• Gently picked by hand – naturally matured over months to years
• Without any additives, dyes, fragrances or preservatives

Natural plants have a higher proportion of natural ingredients and active ingredients due to their harmonious balance – they are stronger than crops because they have strength to resist wind and weather. By using protective substances produced by plant cells in their natural environment, “nana – herbal oils” can be used almost limitless, you can enjoy them for a long time.

Natural products can make our lives easier

Useful in every household and as a gift,
useful in kitchen, bathroom and medicine cabinet –
full and pure, as drops for dilution and for seasoning

Respectful treatment of nature – careful preparation – no mass-production

Continuously improved and adapted, according to current knowledge

Take care! Much love