Austrian Herbal Oil

St. John’s wort oil „Light“
Horsetail oil „Peace“
Yarrow oil „Love“
Ribwort Plantain oil „Power
4 Herbal Oil “Harmony”

Austrian herbal oil from natural Alpine herbs without monoculture – nature from the Alps and the Mediterranean. In many civilizations oil was an integral part in their ancient healing systems, for anointing, embalming, nutrition,body & beauty care – the power of nature

Each herbal oil is aged up to 2.5 years without additives, dyes, fragrances or preservatives – cold infusion produces a quality oil, pure and used as a pure essence

The natural power of herbs from the Alps, untreated pastures – the traditional Western herbal knowledge and loving hand combine old proven recipes from folk medicine and traditional medicine with new insights to a 100 % herbal natural product for the kitchen and medicine cabinet